ADT Webinar: Choice of Optimal Blade Loading for Centrifugal Compressors and Vaned Diffusers

Session Two: This session has now taken place

Date: Wednesday 22nd February 2012

Webinar start time 10:00 (San Francisco) | 12:00 (Houston) | 13:00 (New York) | 18:00 (London)

Session One: This session has now taken place

Date: Wednesday 15th February 20122

Webinar start time 09:00 (London) | 10:00 (Germany) | 14:30 (India) | 17:00 (China) | 18:00 (Japan)

Short Abstract: This one hour educational webinar will highlight the main flow features in compressor impellers, identify the main sources of aerodynamic loss and provide guidance in the choice of optimal blade loading to suppress particular flow phenomena, such as secondary flows in industrial compressors, inducer shock in high pressure ratio impellers with splitter blades or corner separation in vaned diffusers.

The presentation will be supported by three practical examples:

  • An industrial centrifugal compressor where secondary flows are identified as the dominant loss phenomena and main source of exit flow non-uniformity;
  • A 6.2:1 centrifugal compressor impeller with splitter blades, showing strong inducer shocks and interaction with clearance vortex;
  • A vaned diffuser for a given centrifugal compressor impeller presenting corner stall region in the hub/pressure surface corner.

A 15min Q&A Session will be held at the end of the Webinar to answer participants

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