Design of a Second Stage Hydrogen Rocket Turbopump by TURBOdesign1

CREMHyG is one of the world leading centres on research in hydraulic machines, especially turbopumps. It has been actively involved in the development of Ariane rockets by collaborating closely with SNECMA of France and Avio of Italy. CREMHyG has been using TURBOdesign-1 for a number of years and in a recent project in the frame of student work at INP Grenoble University. The code was used to design a generic turbopump inspired from the second stage Vinci H2 turbopump see [1]. An outline view of the components of the Vinci turbopump is shown in Fig. 1. The pump rotates at 90,000 rpm with a flow rate of 5.8 kg/s and pressure rise of 230 bar. It should be noted that the components designed under TURBOdesign are original and without reference of the real industrial one. It consists of an inducer, impeller1, return channel 1, impeller 2 and return channel 2.

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