Welcome to TURBOdesign Technology, Inc., your source for 3D inverse design software and engineering services.

TURBOdesign Technology is the exclusive U.S. distributor of the TURBOdesign Suite by Advanced Design Technology, a global leader in the development of advanced turbomachinery design methods that shorten development time and improve turbomachinery component performance.

We sell TURBOdesign Suite software for aerodynamic and hydrodynamic design using 3D inverse design methodology, and we provide engineering consulting services for all types of turbomachinery blades such as pumps, fans, centrifugal compressors, radial turbines and torque converters.

Review our case studies to see how we shortened training and design times while increasing efficiencies and cutting costs on aerospace, military, automotive, HVAC, power & gas and power generation industry applications.

What is 3D Inverse Design?

The 3D Inverse Design approach enables users to describe loading criteria then output a blade design based on those criteria, which is essentially the reverse of how most other computer-aided design software systems for turbomachinery work.

Aero/Hydrodynamic design may represent only a small percentage of the total cost of bringing a turbomachine to market, yet it has a significant effect on your competitive position, and only TURBOdesign Technology provides the 3D inverse design experience and expertise you need to reduce design costs and improve performance.

Are you ready to cut design and training times while creating your most efficient turbomachinery products?

Then contact us. We look forward to helping you exceed your design challenges!

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